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We are pleased to offer additional coverage under your Donegal Automobile Policy through our Personal Auto Insurance Coverage Enhancement Endorsement. Depending on the program you’re in, this enhanced coverage endorsement is either free of charge or available for a modest additional premium.

These enhancements provide:

Increased Towing and Labor Coverage – You receive $100 in Towing and Labor Coverage per occurrence. If you have already purchased this coverage, then the $100 is in addition to that amount of coverage.
Locksmith Services Coverage – If your keys are lost or stolen, or your door locks are frozen, we provide up to $100 per occurrence for the services of a locksmith.
Personal Property Coverage – Up to $300 in coverage for loss to personal property in or upon a covered vehicle when loss is caused by other than collision or collision, subject to certain limitations
Seat Belt and Child Restraint Device Medical Benefit – Rewarding our safety-conscious drivers and their families, we provide $500 additional coverage for necessary medical expenses if restraint devices were used at the time of an accident.
Deductible Waiver for Total Loss – If your vehicle is determined to be a total loss as the result of an accident, we will waive the deductible amount that would otherwise be applied to the claim settlement.
Automobile Death Benefit – If accidental death occurs from bodily injury, we provide an Automobile Death Benefit in the amount of $2500.
For any questions you might have regarding this endorsement, please see your professional agent.

How much coverage will I need?

The higher the deductible the lower the rate. If you own a home or have other property then you should have higher limits with an umbrella. The more you own the higher the risk of loss in a very serious accident.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting your coverage:

Do you want towing?
Rental Car?
Do you want a new car replacement?
Accident forgiveness?

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