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Underground Service Line Coverage can save you thousands of dollars! Damage to an exterior underground service line can cost a home owner thousands of dollars, yet it’s not covered by a typical homeowners insurance policy. With Underground service Line Coverage, home owners can fill this important and potentially costly insurance gap.

Includes multiple causes of loss
Underground Service Line Coverage will cover line breakdown resulting from:

Environmental effects, such as freezing or frost heave.
External forces, such as root invasion or movement of heavy objects across an underground utility line.
Condition within the line, such as a failure in the material integrity of the service line. (Note: “Blockage” without the failure of the line is not considered a covered loss, the line itself must be damaged.)
Additional Perils covered as described in the policy
Limit: Two options: $10,000 or $15,000 from any “one service line failure”

Deductible: $500

Examples of Service Lines Covered:

Water supply
Waste disposal
Electrical power
Heating (including hot water, natural gas, propane, steam and geothermal)
Communications (including cable and data transmission, internet access and telecommunications)
Drainage systems
Compressed air
Loss of Use; Expediting Expense; Excavation Costs; Outdoor Property: Coverage included in the Service Line Limit.

Exclusions apply. Consult the coverage form for details


Multiple underground service lines covered
Underground Service Line Coverage can provide protection from physical damage for multiple service lines at a fraction of the cost when compared to purchasing protection separately from utility providers for each individual service line.

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